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Make your childhood dreams come true and become a designer of childrens toys and furniture!

We welcome both professionals and enthusiasts of design to participate in the first edition of theinternational competition organized by the Dutch brand PetiteAmelie.The main objective of the competition is to give designers a chance to make their presence on theinternational market–projects of laureates can go through the whole implementation process andbecome part of the brand’s offering, which allows the designers to gain important experience and thepossibility of further cooperation with the brand after the competition.

This year’s topic of the competition is a “Minimalist, multi-functional product for children”. The aim is todesign a multi-purpose toy/piece of furniture and/or atoy/furnituresetfor children within theframework of one of the following two competition tasks.

Competition task

For the 1stage of the competition, each participant can submit any number of designs in response tooneof the following competition tasks.

Role play toy

Design of a multi-functional toy to imitate daily activities performed by adults (e.g., a kitchen,store/market, workshop, doll house, theatre, parking lot with cars). When thinking about the product,consider not only its functions but also if it can be expanded by additional accessories, such as doll housefurniture or storeequipment. The toy should meet safety standards for children over 3 years old.


Montessori toddler room furniture

A set of small, multi-functional furniture for achildren’s room, designed in the spirit of MariaMontessori’s philosophy. A harmonious, ordered world on a smaller–child suitable–scale, supportingthechild’sindependency, self-value and creativity. Creating properconditionshelps developthe child’sautonomy andstrengthenself-confidence.The furniture should be dedicated and meet safety standardsfor children in the age category “+2".
Multi-functionality and an “open form”–the design should take into accountthe realities and
intertwined functions of the space in which we live.
Objects for children often function not only in thechildren’s room,
but also enter the daily common area.
Their main tasks should be to free imagination,stimulate creative play,
and not necessarily to dictate its strict conditions.
Basic materials: laminated/lacquered furniture panels, lacquered MDF, wood, plywood.

Details: metal, plastic (small molded elements), felt, fabric, wood

Assumptions and evaluation criteria


“Open-ended play” – play without imposed, pre-defined framework, restrictions and rules.
In this type of play, children follow their imagination, simultaneously developing their creativity.

Aesthetics - “less is more” 
Observance of European safety standards for childrens toys and furniture, e.g., one should pay attention to sizes and fixing/construction,
methods of smaller parts as well as the size of possible holes or spaces between laths/rungs

Consideration of production capabilities – we strive to minimize production waste,
using construction and assembly solutions which allow to store and transport products in a flat position.


1st prize - 2500 € *

2nd prize - 1000 € *

3rd prize - 500 € *


*In addition, if the design project is implemented, the participant of the competition shall receive the first copy of the product, and the design together with the note about the designer shall be presented in all Petite Amelie showrooms in Europe.


Remember that regardless of the results of the competition, each of the designers participating in the competition can be invited to cooperate with the Petite Amelie design team. We cannot wait to make children’s dreams come true with your help!

  competition schedule

Application for the competition

The competition involves two stages.

Both individual and group projects can be submitted for the competition.

Applications for the 1st stage of the competition should be sent by 30/06/2022 at the address designlab@petiteamelie.com

If you wish to submit more than one project, send each of them as a separate application for the competition.


An application for the competition (1st stage) should include:

- name, surname of the author(s) of the design project

- e-mail address of the author(s) of the design project

- graduation major/university

- competition file*

- with your entry to the competition you accept our privadcy policy


*Competition file – design of a product/product set, including visualizations/drawings presenting its body, main dimensions and functions as well as the proposed product name. The design shall be sent in form of a board or a short presentation in 1 PDF file with the maximum size of 10 MB. The competition file should be named according to the following pattern – “name surname of the author_project name”. In the case of a group project, the surname of a representative of the team should be selected.

An application for the 2nd stage of the competition should be sent by 31/07/2022 at the address designlab@petiteamelie.com.


Contents of the competition application (2nd stage):

- competition file with added drawings and technical/material specification of the design. Technical drawings of toys should be made in the scale of 1:2, and of furniture, in the scale of 1:5

- biographical note of the designer


e-mail address for applications



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